D. Clay & Associates – Web & Email Hosting

D. Clay & Associates – Web & Email Hosting

We’re happy to announce our newest clients Douglas Clay & Associates! When they came to us, their email hadn’t been functional for over 3 months and their website was inaccessible and infected with malicious malware.
We were able to get the email for all of their employees fully functioning within 2 hours of pointing their domain to our server. Within 24 hours we had rebuilt their website, removed all malware, and had it restored with full access on the internet.

It was a great satisfaction to be able to give the client back the basic abilities that they needed to be proficient and successful in their daily operations. We enjoy being able to provide excellent customer service through honesty, education, and follow up.

*Douglas Clay & Associates is local manufacturer representatives and sales agent of quality machine tools and various metal fabricating machinery products since 1985.

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