The Importance of Keeping Your WordPress Website Up To Date

The Importance of Keeping Your WordPress Website Up To Date

WordPress is an open source content management system for websites. Much like Microsoft Windows; very popular and very secure, but also a target for hackers. With a large amount of websites running on WordPress, hackers are always looking for a way to get into your website. Fortunately, with thousands of developers backing WordPress, any security holes that are discovered are fixed immediately.

It’s very important to keep your WordPress website updated. Not only with each update do you see improved features, but updates are also released to fix bugs and increase the security of your website. These updates will make your WordPress website easier to use, fix functionality, and create a higher level of security. Updating your version of WordPress also creates new security features that prevent hackers from breaking into your website and inserting malicious code. This malware can harm your site by causing you to lose position within the search engines, causing your website to go down completely, or creating horrific email issues. Not only is keeping WordPres updated, but  your plug-ins are equally important. Outdated plug-ins are more vulnerable to security attacks and may even lose their functionality.

The reason why old WordPress or plug-in software is vulnerable to attack is because when a new update is released, a bug fix report accompanies it. Hackers then find out the vulnerabilities of the old versions of WordPress or plug-ins and  target websites that are using older versions of WordPress for their gain.

As a hosting client of BA Design, LLC, we are diligent about keeping your website up to date with the latest version of WordPress and plug-ins. You will have the security of knowing that your website is secure and you can focus on what you do best, making your business a success.

If  you aren’t currently hosting with us, but would like this added benefit for your website, please give us a call at 360.562.5525.


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